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The 24K Gold Million Dollar Bill was created as a partnership between American Art Classics, Inc. and world renowned collectibles firm The Kensington Mint. The focus was to create a truly one-of-a-kind banknote available to the general public.

The Original Traditional Million Dollar Bill is the world’s leading example of a “Financial Art” Collectible. Designed and printed by American Art Classics, Inc., it soon became the largest selling Commemorative Million Dollar Bill Collectible in the world.

Gold Plated Currency Collectibles continue to appreciate in price and value every year due to their ongoing increase in popularity and demand by serious currency collectors and business people, friends and family looking for the Ideal “Thanks A Million” Gift. The 24 Karat Gold Million Dollar Bill fits this category as it has a positive, long-lasting impact as an extraordinary gift for special clients, family members, friends and business associates . This results in an ever increasing value, due to its high quality, unique rarity and global popularity.

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